Reflection #1

The first things that comes to mind when I hear Self portrait is the painting of Norman Rockwell by the same name. The painting shows Rockwell, from behind, looking into a mirror as he paints. Like much of his work it has an edge of humor to it why portraying a slice of life. When the self portrait project was assigned these painting immediately came to mind and I considered recreating it, but then I thought more about how we portray ourselves through selfies. Rockwell’s self portrait shows a painter at his craft but while he is still early on in the process and not making much progress, we often show ourselves in glamorous locations and exciting actions more often than on boring days or while traveling to those exciting locations. We show ourselves as finished products and not works in progress. This is not bad but I wanted to break down this boundary in a similar way that Rockwell’s painting retro actively does. So I took a selfie of me in Haiti, an exotic location that holds fond memories and wrote a list of words I would use to describe myself. The image itself is the typical selfie but the words atop it are raw and neither flattering or negative. I wanted to take the common approach to taking a picture of myself and subvert it with honest describtions that I would not usually share.


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