Reflection #2

This whole self portrait business has really got me thinking about how we see ourselves and how we form our identity. For my second self portrait i decided to explore the way our family and friends and those we spend time with influence us. The portrait is a collection of four selfies taking with friends and family and casual acquaintances, and instead of focusing on myself I black myself out so that any detail drawn must be drawn from the other people in the photo.

I do not think I’m making any grand statements or that the ideas behind what I am doing are even interesting. I’m simple spitting out ideas and hoping to get people thinking. The best art in my opinion is art where the creator takes a step back and let’s other decide what the piece is about. When you start studying the piece knowing the author’s intent can be helpful but I never think it should influence the consumer’s interpretation. Why am I going on about this? Well manly because I like to ramble but also because I hope that when people see a picture of me where my face has been colored over with a sharpie I hope they can use that image to think about bigger things than the photo itself but also more than what I intended.


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