Project 1: Exploration in sound

Original Composition

Cut Up Method

So much of our life is defined by social media, whether this is good or bad it’s hard to deny that it’s true. So when coming up for a way to randomize the pattern of my original composition I turned to social media specifically a website called Band and a group called Free Space that is a group where you can post anything and everything. I posted a poll with numbers 1-6 that corresponded with the sections of my composition. I closed the poll before class and let the poll’s outcome determine the order of the cutup.

Below I have linked the url of the poll: Poll


Sound Machine (The Useless Box) Score

Caleb S Bunn


The Useless Box Description:

Have a case or container that is filled with pieces of instruments or accessories that cannot make music on their own: guitar picks, capo, power cords, sheet music, strings, etc.



For 11 seconds have The Useless Box open and rub your hand across the objects inside.

Pause then slam the case shut.

Use the latches and handles to create a slow beat for 10 seconds ending with the latch securely closed.

Flip the box so it is standing up.

Begin beating on the right side and then left side of the box.

Continue the beating for 10 seconds

Raise the box above your head and shake it vigorously for 10 seconds.

Set the case down, open it, and rub your hand across the objects.

Close the box.

The end.


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