Self-portrait Critique

After going through a couple of the various blogs and subsequent self-portraits I found one that really caught my attention. Joey Burrow’s second self-portrait  of a drive-in movie theater speaker interested me a lot. It is extremely simple, in that one sentence I basically described it, but it has a lot of depth. Below the portrait Joey writes about how he went to the drive-in in question because of his love for films and filmaking. Of course anyone can go to a drive-in but Joey went out of his way to have this film going experience that has been slowly depleting in the main stream conscious. From the description one could hyperbolize it as a pilgrimage of sorts. It shows his commitment to the art form and the various ways it has been presented. But taking the hyperbole out of account it shows us one of the biggest parts of his life, film, whether that is he love of making it, consuming it, or talking about it. The simplicity also helps abstract it so we can see ourselves in the photo.

Joey’s blog:



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