Reflection #3

By now I have several ideas for self portraits so the problem is not not having anything to put up but deciding which idea to let loose upon the world and which to let ferment (or stagnate) in my mind. Which ideas do I want to execute and which do I think need more work.

Today I decided that I would move away from focusing on selfies and myself and move to my name. Caleb Shelton Bunn, derived from the biblical character, my great grandfather, and wherever my family name came from. I typed it into google images search engine and saved the first for pictures that came up. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to get when I did the search, I was correct to assume I would not find a picture of myself but I probably wouldn’t have guessed the images that came up. There weren’t any huge surprises but they didn’t quite match my idea of the name, especially the picture of the nurse which just seems out of place. The pictures show the complexity an individual. A person is more than just the side s/he chooses to show to a group of people just like the image shows multiple images that don’t seem to relate. A professional head shot is under what appears to be profile picture. All the images are also zoomed in and don’t show much of the face, I’d be lying if I said this was anything more than me just choosing a collage layout that didn’t allow me to show the whole pictures but I do think it shows how we only see a small part of the whole of a person.


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