Reflection #4

Several weeks ago we did our field recording project and at the time I would not have written about it because while I enjoyed the exercise it did not leave a immediate impact but now that I’m a few weeks out I’m starting to apply it to everyday life. Okay I’m not going around with a Tascam recording everything but I am becoming more aware of the noise around me. Typically i always have headphones in when I’m walking to class I’m listening to Spoitfy, when I’m eating i’m listening to podcasts, when I’m writing I’m listening to jazz or EDM, and when I’m running I’m listening to 80’s synth rock and post punk. Sound is always surrounding me but I’m always in control of it.  However since the field recording, and more appropriately the catalog of sounds, I’ve been taking out the headphones and listening to the surrounding area. Sometimes there’s nothing to listen to and I enjoy a little serenity but mostly there is always sounds to sort through, identify, and gain inspiration from. the simple sound of a car driving over a slushy road now invokes a thousand images and makes me consider how I would use that sound in a film. I still listen to my music and podcasts but every so often I enjoy the soundtrack that everyday life provides.


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