Reflection #5

I place great value in my name. Okay it is just a name bur I really value the ideas behind it. Caleb is taken from the Biblical character who is known for faithfulness and a wiliness to work hard for a great reward. Shelton is from my great-grandfather who I never met but from stories I have heard about him he not only held the values I attribute to my first name but also seemed like a great guy in general. Bunn is my family name and while I don’t know a lot about its actual origins (probably German, might have something to do with baking) I still like the idea of having this legacy and identifier that’s associated to a long line of people who were different but passed down ideals and values.

I say all of that to explain why my fifth self portrait is so focused on my name. It is actually similar to my third self portrait which is a collage of images taking off of Google when I searched my name. that was more of a deconstruction of the idea of the individual name and the uniqueness of it but here I wanted to celebrate the name and the heritage behind it.

If anything ties these five self portraits together it’s the display of what makes up my identity. How i would describe myself to how my friends influence who I am to what my name means in a large context to how i have grown older to what my name means to me. I am not trying to make any bold statements, I don’t care about that, I just want to think more about my identity through my art and maybe prompt others to do the same.




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