Reflection #6

As a self diagnosed nerd I get very invested fictional worlds and the characters who inhabit them. Part of this investment is being influenced by the characters who I most enjoy and keep revisiting. So when I was mining for ideas of how to further explore what makes me me though these self portraits I thought about some of the characters that have left the biggest impact on my identity.

I think we often overlook how much we are shaped by fiction and while it grants the stories a specific subconscious power it also loses a power that it shares with the readers and viewers.

The six I chose were Reepicheep (Chronicles of Narnia), Yoda (Star War (specifically episode five))), Samwise Gamgee (Lord of the Rings), Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones…obviously), Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), Shawn Spencer (Psych). I won’t go into detail on why each one has influenced me because that would take up to much time and because the idea of this exercise to me was the examination itself. It is  the delving into the many worlds I have visited through books and movies and TV, the characters I have imitated and have allowed to shape me.



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