Eveline Treatment (Final Draft)

Time? Modern Day or last year or a year from now. As long as there are airplanes and cellphones.


Setting? Somewhere, specifically anywhere.


The over all color scheme will be brown and dark oranges in modern day. Grays and soft oranges (like a fireplace kinda orange) for the first flash forward. And muted grays and a tad softer browns for the second flash forward.


Ellie sits in a sparsely furnished, practically empty room. In front of her is a short round table that is beside the sole window in the room. Ellie herself wears a brown coat and has her hair pulled up in a bun. Behind her is a suitcase penitently waiting to be rolled away.

Ellie reaches into her coats outer pocket and pulls out a bronze, aged locket. She opens it. On one side is a photo of a woman who looks incredibly like Ellie but the dress is of a slightly older fashion. On the other side is a picture of a handsome man leaning casually against the railing of a ship. Ellie sets the locket carefully on the table. She takes off a gold ring with a single diamond resting on the top, she taps it against the table then sets it down beside the locket on the male’s side. Standing she paces the room, clearly frustrated. She, seemingly unknowingly, pulls a plane ticket from her inner coat pocket.

Suddenly Ellie is in an airport running towards the man from the locket. In her hands ar her ticket and passport.

“There you are,” he says relieved. “The plane is about to board.”

“Sorry sorry,” she says while catching her breath. “I lost track of time.”

“I’m just glad you’re here,” he says taking Ellie’s hand.

Ellie is on the plane as it takes flight. As it rises into the air she leans her head against the window.

Ellie sits in an apartment looking at a window that overlooks a large city. She takes a sip from a mug of coffee or tea. The man comes up behind her and leans down to kiss her on the cheek. She looks up and turns her head just slightly and returns the smile.

Ellie walks into a living room. She is now pregnant. She sits down beside the man and takes his hand.

Sometime later Ellie enters a kitchen holding a baby. Her phone is propped up to her ear by her shoulder.

“No. I don’t have the time.”

Aggravated chatter is heard from the phone. In response the baby starts to cry.

“You wanna switch places because I’d love to do that,” she snaps into the phone.

It is now night and a storm brews outside. While inside the living room a fight rages.

“I gave up everything! What did you have to leave behind?” Ellie yells at the man who is standing across from her.

“I didn’t make you do anything you didn’t want to do!” the man yells back.

“That doesn’t mean you get away with not trying to make this work!”

There is a clap of thunder and Ellie is alone in the living room. She sits on the couch head held in her shaky hands.


She is back in the first room still pacing, ticket in hand. A ringing is heard and she grabs a phone that was laying on top of the suitcase. She hits the talk button and raises it to her ear. “Yeah?”

“Ellie, where are you? The plane will be boarding soon.”

“I’m…I’m staying,” she hangs up the phone and drops it on to the chair. She walks briskly to the window and takes several deep breaths. She clutches the window sill.

The season changes from winter to spring and Ellie is walking outside alone. She no longer wears the ring but the locket rests upon her neck. Her expression is blank.

Ellie sits in a small coffee shop looking out the window. She moves her gaze down to her phone which is showing a picture of her and the man. She hits the delete button and puts her phone in her purse.

She enters her home. She walks into her den and sits in an old arm chair. The room seems to swallow Ellie in its vast emptiness. Ellie stares blankly at the wall.

Ellie is being interviewed for a job. The interviewer stands and reaches her hand to shake Ellie’s. Ellie returns the gesture and smile. She walks out of the office she was in and her smile melts away.

Ellie I now in her bedroom. She undoes the clasp of the locket and drops it into a dresser drawer.

Ellie is sitting at a cubical typing at her computer. The sun is setting outside and everyone around her starts to pack up for the day. A coworker walks up to her and leans against the cubical wall.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come with us?”

“No thanks. I’m really tired.”

“Yeah, ok. Maybe next time,” the coworker says not sounding confident.

It is night and Ellie once again sits alone looking down at something in her hand. Rain gently tapping against the roof. She lets out a soft side and rubs her eyes. Ellie sets down what she was looking like on the chair’s arm before standing up and leaving the room. The locket sits on the chair’s arm.


She is once again in the first room. One hand is on the door knob, suitcase handle in the other. After looking around the room she stares out the window.


The End


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