Reflection #7

Okay so maybe I’m getting a little home sick with spring break so close but when decided which part of my identity to exploit for this weeks self portrait my mind kept creeping home to Nashville. I really love my home city and especially the area where I grew up which has in the last few years been ironically dubbed East Nasty by the young, hipsterish population. There’s nothing inherently special about it, it isn’t a rich neighborhood and it doesn’t have anymore historical significance than any other old area of Nashville, but its home. I grew up playing in the near by park full of wildlife but also just had to follow the river a couple miles to get into the heart of downtown. Our house was not big but it was big enough.

It’s weird, as I write this I’m starting to feel nostalgic but for a place that I still spend a significant amount of time. I still live there when I’m not in school but as I write and look at the picture I selected I’m recalling “the good old days” which were really just good because I was a kid with few responsibilities and a ton of blissful ignorance. Simply put I have a soft spot for a tiny piece of Tennessee that no one would think twice about. I’m always gonna hold that place in my definition of who I am and that’s just a fact. Unless I get amnesia and forget about it but that seems unlikely.


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