Reflection #8

Last Wednesday i went to the Rec as usual to work out. Afterwards I walked out into the cool night and started making me way to my car but as I walked paste the field that separates the softball stadium from the road I decided to go sit down for a little while and enjoy the night air. A couple minutes turned into a half hour of me sitting enjoying my surroundings. The experience was so simple that it may come off as strange or at worst pretentious but it was such a nice and personal moment that I felt the need to break from the usual style and format of my self portraits these week to put up a short video of the field. I enjoy the uniformity of my self portraits but publishing the one I had prepared seemed almost dishonest, here I have an experience that created such contentment and happiness for me that I had to share it. Next week I’ll get back to my normal work but these week I decided to be flexible and make something a little different.


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