Reflection #9

Music has always been important to me. That’s what I was gonna write. I was gonna write about how I chose four albums that throughout my life has meant something to me. I was gonna write about that but as I started typing I got frustrated, not an unfamiliar feeling.

I enjoy making art and there is a lot of it that I make solely for myself but while I’ve been making these self portraits and updating this blog I feel unsatisfied. Like I’m shouting into the void. No ones going to read this and that is fine, it’s no masterwork of the written word but I don’t know why I’m spending so much time thinking about it. I am doing it for a grade but until I get it or some kind of feedback it’s meaningless and even when I get it it will be so far removed from my creation that it won’t help me inform my creative process for this class.

I’m not writing this because I’m angry or because I’m trying to change something. I’m not even meaning to say that there is a problem. What I am trying, and most likely failing, to convey is the frustration I am feeling in relation to this class and this blog. The idea that I’m just trowing stuff into the void is getting to me. It may be the time in the semester or that I am running out of creative momentum but it doesn’t matter because I’ll just be here making art for the void and writing unread words.


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