Reflection #11

So the semester is winding down but as it does production in general seems to be winding up. Obviously we had our adaption project but outside of class which is where I am getting the majority of my creative satisfaction I have written and rewritten projects for OSR a production group here on campus, I was the director of photography on my friends short film Love Is Contagious, and I am co-writing and doing pre-production on a project with a friend completely unrelated to school along with preparing projects to do over the summer. Added to that I am working on my final projects for proto-cinema and have launched an online interactive art piece called Our Cave Painting. Al these coming together at the end of this academic year seems to be like a volcano preparing to explode. It’s both refreshing because I am actually making stuff but it along with projects for non-production courses is extremely exhausting. As I move into this season of creation I am losing energy but hey that’s why we have a summer break.



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