Reflection #12

So Spahr wants us to write about the various art performances and exhibitions shown in class. I would love to do that but honestly I had no strong opinions on any of them. They all are just…there. Now I like exhibition and performance art can be really interesting but these specific examples are at best mundane and at worst forgettable and in truth just kind of a thing that exists that doesn’t hold any real significance to me or my experience. This is not a judgement on their quality as it pertains to the audience as a whole but more of an explanation as to why I do not care about any of them. The wolf, the plaster litter bags, the happening all this stuff just does not seem to matter. I understand what the purpose of each piece of art is but I do not think we should judge on intent but execution and the execution of these is ultimately underwhelming and uninteresting.

Okay so let us switch gears and talk about the final projects. I am not a political person, I have political ideals and I vote but I do not like voicing my opinions, but I have been trying to figure out what to do since Spahr has been pushing us to do something political with our final projects. I have ultimately decided to not do anything political or focusing on social justice because if I try to force it it might satisfy a suggestion but it will be empty of my interest and if I am not interested then the quality will drop. So I will figure something out.


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