Reflection #13

There are 12 days left in this semester and he end cannot come quicker. I have hit creative burn out and desperately need to get out of this city to hope for inspiration n new environments. But as I head out for the summer what from this class am I going to take with me. I am not biggest fan of this class or how it was organized but spending almost five months doing something has to leave some kind of impression so what am I going to take with me as I leave? Well there are definitely people I have worked with that I am going to try to collaborate with in the future, I also have some story ideas and my Eveline script that I am hoping to make soon. Apart from that I also have a better understanding of editing thanks to Wickham and the self portraits, while they did seem to be treated like an unimportant side note in the class, were fun to do and made me make something creative even when I did not have inspiration.

If this class did anything it was to push me more towards straight narrative filmaking. i do not dislike performance or installation art and I am sure i will do something along those lines but after I have done some stuff with it in this class I have grown more found of narrative filmaking.  This may seem like a backhanded pro but this is why I am taking film classes. I could have just started making movies and freelance work in Nashville but going to film school has let me try out new things and figure out what works and what doesn’t. I will never do the majority of the stuff we did in class ever again but now I know what it is like.


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