Final Project

The idea behind my performance piece is that two people will volunteer t come up and either watch or read a story that I have written/filmed. Then they will come together and tell the story to the audience informing their story based on the specific ideas that are in each version.


The Filmed Story:


The Written Story:

Nathan is handed a freshly shuffled deck of cards and begins to deal to the player across from him, Jesse. Each player has a large pile of poker chips in front of them. Nathan finishes dealing and they both pick up their cards.
“Ante up,” Nathan says.
“Oh come on we both know this is all or nothing we don’t have to bother with the actual betting,” Jesse replies.
“If we don’t bother with the betting then why are we playing poker. I mean you might as well give me your money and save us the time.”
Jesse throws in a chip and Nathan does likewise. After a few more moments of examining the cards Jesse pushes a stack of chips to the center of the table. The game had been going for six hours by now and everyone else who had been playing had either lost or left, but Nathan and Jesse had a bit of a rivalry when it came to their Thursday poker nights and neither were about to give up.
Nathan matches Jesse’s bet and throws in some additional chips.
“Confidence killed the cat,” Jesse says while calling Nathan’s bet.
“Not sure that’s how that phrase goes,” Nathan says. He isn’t confident. He doesn’t have a good hand and Jesse did start with a fairly large beat. He was going to play it out but he needed to get Jesse to back down and fold.
Jesse loved beating Nathan’s cocky ass. He was always going on about how good he was when he had nothing to back it up. Jesse had lost the last few games so he knew he had to pull off a win or Nathan would never shut up about it. Jesse sets down a single card and slides it over to Nathan who passes another off the top of the deck. Nathan thinks for a minutes and does likewise.
Jesse hesitates and knocks on the table. Nathan gets excited at this thinking that Jesse is having second thoughts about going all in. He debates whether to return the gesture to keep the game going for another round or push Jesse. He eventually shoves a pile of chips into the pot. Jesse sighs and calls.
They trade in their cards one last time, both giving one. Jesse sets down the cards and stares at Nathan. Jesse drops six chips on to the pot.
Nathan figures this small bet is just to save face, he calls and raises seeing if he can get a little more out of Jesse.
After a moment of silence Jesse nods and pushes in the rest of his chips.
“Well we now have a game,” Jesse says.
“We most certainly do.” Nathan thinks about folding but decides that losing to Jesse isn’t worth it. He goes all in and drops his cards face up on the table showing a pair of kings.
Jesse smiles and lays down a pair of aces and three nines.
“Should of just giving me your money and saved us time,” Jesse says.
Nathan reaches into his pocket and pulls out a stack of singles. “One more round?”
Jesse pauses but decides that beating Nathan again is just to much to resist.
“One more round.”


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