Kubo and the Two Strings Review

I don’t often get excited for movies but one of this years exceptions was Kubo and the Two Strings a stop motion movie by acclaimed studio Laika. The movie tells the story of a young boy on a quest with a guardian monkey and a bug like samuri. I love Laiki and i was very interested in the eastern mythology in the film so when I sat down in my seat at the theater I was hyped. Sadly the excitement died down as the movie went along.

This movie isn’t terrible, in fact I hope the majority of people like it and I’m the odd ball out. It’s not even that I didn’t like it it more comes down to this isn’t a story. I felt like they were more worried about the world building than telling a complete story, add on to that the amount of exposition and I felt like I was being fed the details of a story and not an actual story. This, along with some pretty poorly written dialogue, really holds back what is a fascinating premise. The irony is that by focusing so much on world building I feel like it hurts the world making it more about the minute ins and outs instead of a fully fleshed world.

The voice acting is a bit hit or miss. I think everyone involved is good but there are a few voices who don’t match the characters. The animation and soundtrack are the highlights with both being beautiful and imaginative.

I don’t dislike Kubo and I would rather someone pay to see this than any other animated movie that has come out but I think it is flawed.


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