The Last of London

My reading of this film is, I’m almost certain, drastically different from the intention but I devalue intention almost as a rule. That being said I really enjoyed the film for what I saw it as. I read the film as delving into the mind of one who has been driven insane, someone who has lost to the system. This isn’t a critique of the political landscape it was made in as much as it is showing how someone has been so twisted by it that they have completely lost grip on reality. The question I had about ten minutes into this is how much is this is reality, how much is hyperbole, how much is prophecy, how much is simply hallucination? This is a cautionary tale about how we can let a terrible political landscape take away our very selves.
That was my initial reaction and most of it still stands. I do think there is a more nuisanced read to the film but for my money it is really comes down to this reactionary nature that borders on madness. I find this to be very socially relevant as the political environment has changed so much for people my age and political leanings. After Trump won the election and really while it was becoming more obvious that he would win there seemed to be a swelling in emotion above anything else. This emotion was channeled into protests, activism, and art for some while many others didn’t really have a channel for it and had to ride it out however either way the emotions were strong. It was extremely easy for me personally to get lost in those emotions. The day after election night I simply walked around in a daze, for almost a week after almost everyone on my side of the residence hall dorm communed in the hall as if simple trying to conduct normal life with people would bring things back to normal. Rage, confusion, disappointment; all of these were pounding through my school and distorting every aspect of post election life and at times it felt like this movie.
Many movies try to be expressionistic while exploring the interior of the mind and some succeed but few rarely reminding me of my own mind. The fragmentations, the sound, the editing flowing from fast to slow all seem personally cerebral. However, my mind never went this far, I never snapped; and while I do not believe Derek Jarman had snapped either. Only a sane man could make such effective madness. Jarman had not been driven to the point the film showed but the film had been. In such a wildly toxic world political and in the realm of opinion it is not hard to feel how this movie feels. This is relatable as much as it is personal and that is what gives it any and all power within.

Also the cauliflower scene kills all the momentum but luckily Tilda brings it back.


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