Woah boy, we’ve got a lot of films to get through. This looks like a job for bullet points!

  • The Smiling Madame Beudet: I will be honest I was dozing off through this not because of the quality but simply because dark room plus late night means my eye lids will start drooping. Still I was mostly conscious through the first three and the last five minutes and I am pretty sure I got all the film had to offer. It is a very harrowing look into an emotionally abusive relationship.
  • The Seashell and the Clergyman: Oh do I love this film. Even through the terrible soundtrack that came along with this version I still found myself enthralled by this surrealist world. The experience of watching it silent actually enhanced the viewing as I fell into a trance like state. This also woke me up because I was eagerly a waiting the next segment.
  • Free Radicals: How did Len Lye do this in 1950s? I have seen the scratch method used in many other films but the dimension that Lye achieves in this is simply amazing. It looks like three dimensional animation despite simply being scratches. Lye’s work is really entertaining in small doses but like many experimental films that solely focus on film form I have very little to talk about.
  • Colour Flight: I think the most interesting thing about Lye is that he was a commercial artist in the sense that he literally made commercials. Half way through this film when the ad drops I was already so invested in the style and rhythm that I did not care when I was being told to fly to Tasmania. There art was not enhanced but it was certainly not compromised.
  • Return to Reason: Photograms are interesting are certainly with this particular mixture of photograms and live action footage. Sadly the male gaze comes kicking down the door at the end. Yeah, obviously not every use of nudity plays into the male gaze but here I think it solely falls into objectification. Even if that was not the intention I do not think I could defend it.
  • H2O: So relaxing, so refreshing. H2O is a tone poem in the best sense possible. Focusing on the flow and composition to convey the experience H2O immediately sucks you in with an intense water fall and upbeat piano music then relaxes and allows you to transition peacefully into the tighter, more abstract images. By the end we are reminded of what we are looking at by the objects in the water and by the end I was completely reinvigorated.
  • Copy Shop: This was a nice little short that reminded very much of animation not because of the process but actually because of the structure. My generation grew up going to see Pixar movies and their short films so we have been educated on short story structure through these. This had a very similar structure to one of those shorts which gave it an almost nostalgic film.

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